Orange is the New Black

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glamcrazyrandom asked: I was just wondering did you not like Larry from the start or this you just gradually stop liking him as the first series went on? I stopped liking him towards the end of season 1. I tried to be sympathetic towards him but just couldn't do it.

I was in a neutral state about him in the beginning, but as season one progressed I began hating him more and more until season one ended and I just wanted him to leave the show. I tried to like him, since he seemed like a vital part of Piper’s life, but my dislike kept increasing. 

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Anonymous asked: i really don't know if i find the i-hate-larry joke endearing for discouraging for the actor. i mean a little bit is fine because it's funny but sometimes people take it really far and jason biggs is only human and i don't know how much is too much or if it upsets him. he's talked a little bit in interviews that he acknowledges the joke and it seems like it doesn't bother himm but idk i read blogs telling him to go die and i don't know if i should stop or not

The Larry jokes are directed towards Biggs’ character, not Jason Biggs. People dislike Larry because of the way his character was written, Biggs just portrays him. People dislike Piper but that doesn’t mean they dislike T Schilling. Plus, from what I’ve heard, Jason Biggs isn’t a very nice dude. 

There’s a problem if people are telling Jason Biggs to die because of Larry. Sometimes people can’t distinguish between the actor and their character(s).

People wanting Larry to die is fine, people telling Jason Biggs to die is not.

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