Orange is the New Black

I threw my pie for you

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Anonymous asked: Do you like laura prepon?

I think like is an understatement. Laura Prepon is one of my baes

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Anonymous asked: Do you like polly? I don't really like her she kinda seems a bit bitchy for my taste

I actually kind of liked Polly. I thought she was funny and a really good friend to Piper; especially when she watched out for Piper when she first met Alex. But she kind of betrayed their friendship and that made me dislike her.

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Anonymous asked: (This is the Larry anon). I just wanted to say that I'm not a hater - I'm very fond of your blog and I respect your opinion, even though it differs from my own. It's a great show with a lot of potential and the strong emotions are just part of the fun!

I don’t consider you a hater just because your opinion differs from mine, anon. I actually enjoy having someone who I can discuss my side of things with. I think they were referring to the anon who called me the Larry of the fandom.

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Anonymous asked: Hahaha I just think the haters are funny, why hate you? You're amazing! And your blog is. People will find a reason to hate people that have power, in which you do. 💜

Thanks, anon, that means a lot. Purple heart emoji back at ya.

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Anonymous asked: any spoilers for season 3 ?

None that I know of. Other than Laura Prepon will be in a lot more episodes, and Jason Biggs will not.

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Anonymous asked: i hate larry too, with a passion.

A lot of people do, and they have the right to. Like oranges (or their anon) said, Larry almost seems as if he was written to be a disliked character. There is nothing about Larry that makes you think “gee, I feel really bad for him; I hope he finds someone better,” he’s the epitome of a douchebag. Larry Bloom was made with the sole purpose of being the most hated character on the show.

And then Vee came and gave him a run for his money. 

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Anonymous asked: I love your blog, don't listen to the haters :)

Thank you, anon, you are a garden rose.