Orange is the New Black

I threw my pie for you

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Anonymous asked: Ok wait Laura prepon is hot af but I can't be the only one that notices the eyebrow struggle on her face... I mean her eyebrows are terrible but awkwardly they fit in that sexy face of her.

I think they’ve improved from season one. Only Laura Prepon can rock those eyebrows. 

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Anonymous asked: If you wanna talk about your life, go for it. If that anon wants a STRICTLY OITNB blog, there's an unfollow button. You don't need that kind of negativity. You keep doing you, darling :)


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Anonymous asked: I don't care about you're personal information/life. I followed for orange not for your life. Keep that in you're personal.

Well, okay, I shall also take that into consideration. insert thumbs up gif here.

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Anonymous asked: Hey!!! Love your blog!! I'm not here to tell u how to run it but I think ur followers would feel a lot better if they knew tiny things about you bc there is someone behind the blog & ur just like us & it'd be better if we knew at least s little like what's ur favorite color? Or book? Not trying to tell u how to run it!!! Have a splendid day!!

Thank you, I will certainly take that under consideration. 

I think my favorite color is either blue or black, and my favorite book is Desperation by Stephen King.

You too, anon :).

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